Lessons in listening to your heart.

Published: 20 September 2014

So I feel I owe everyone an apology, the track (Those Little Things), had so much potential but for some reason I took the same old tried and tested path to record this track. What I should have actually done is just listened to how it sounded when I played it.

What are you on about?!?

This track is one I used to play my children, beside their cots, to get them to sleep. It was a lullaby, A soothing piece of music that could be changed with regards to tempo, phrasing and note intensity. It was created to be fluid and rolling, long hanging notes and most of all, it was created to be played on a single instrument.

It was not created to be played alongside a bass track, with a backing set of keys and some fancy sound effects. It was not meant to be anything other than a track that could be played over and over and over, finally ending when their eyes gently closed and they fell asleep.

So why you apologising?

Well I know that everyone's time is precious and I sincerely appreciate every minute you spend listening to the music I create. I also believe that if someone has donated their precious time to listen to one of my tracks, it is because they believe the music to be sincere and not something designed to just get them to listen. I feel I failed you, not because I was trying to get you to listen to the track but because I didn't produce something sincere.

This might be put down to fear of letting everyone down, fear that my playing couldn't carry a single guitar track, that the single guitar track wouldn't be sufficient or any other number of ridiculous fears. Once I sat down and thought about this I decided to redo the track without wasting another person's precious time.

In closing

The track has been re-recorded. With nothing more than just the line I used to play for them and a few effects, the track is now in it's purest form. It is what it should have been in the first place, an honest rendition of the track that so faithfully soothed my little ones and guided them gently into dream land.

I thank the Lord for giving me this moment of clarity and pray He will continue to give me the strength to be honest and true.

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