No Place (I'd rather be) rhythm section documented

Published: 9 September 2014

The first track (No Place (I'd rather be)) scheduled for recording has been documented using Guitar Pro 6.

What? Why?!

Having been through this before and the previous recordings being done using analogue technology it was perceived as unprofessional to walk into a studio unprepared. My process has always been to walk into the studio as prepared as possible and lay down the tracks in the least amount of takes.

With the studio billing per hour I didn't want to walk in and have to remember or try work out improvised lines. Doing it this way could mean I spend a significant amount of time in the studio without actually pinning anything down. So the first thing to do before trying to work out the improvised lines is to document the underlying rhythm track.

Guitar Pro makes doing this pretty simple for someone as uneducated as myself in music theory. Playing the track and then working out the timing of the notes is all I had to do. So from tomorrow I begin documenting the lead lines and will potentially be making a few changes to include suggestions from people that have heard the track.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news!

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