First track to hit 1000

Published: 1 September 2014

Some background

"No place (I'd rather be)" hit 1000 plays today on SoundCloud. This is the first time any of the tracks has received this much attention and I cannot believe the response. While it might still be short of a best seller, it does leave me feeling very satisfied that the track was worth the effort. Thank you all so much!

What makes this track so special is the person it was written for. For many years I sat on a really beautiful chord progression but was unable to make it into something. No matter how hard I tried I didn't have the tools required, these tools include patience. Having aged a bit since the initial idea and blessed with peaceful environment to work in, finally the Lord blessed me with the rest of the track.

The process

It was not an easy task however, while the track had taken a beautiful shape it was still really tricky to bed down. Being so inspired and excited about finally getting this far I proceeded to practise the track until I got blisters. While this sounds romantic it did cause a delay in the recording of the track because I couldn't play it as precisely as I wanted to. This allowed the track to simmer for a few more days and some refinements were made.

Once I had completed recording the track I was ueber excited to get it up on to SoundCloud. Everything had fallen into place perfectly and I finally had an opportunity to include a synthesiser section. After uploading it I smiled and went to bed. What I did not expect was the response to the track. It hit 100 plays in 4 days! I thought that it was just a once off. This trend continued and averaged out at around 35 plays per day.

Thank you all again so much for your support and I thank the Lord for allowing me to complete this track. Everything truly does happen in the Lord's time.

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